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Our Story

Celebrating 23 years in business. Honey, Fix It Inc® began as Teresinha (Teresa) Faria’s childhood's dream

Owner’s Childhood Dream

As a five-year-old child in rural Brazil, Teresinha (Teresa) worked as a child laborer for farmers. As she grew up, she began to dream about restoring the dilapidated and deteriorating structures she saw around her. Not only did she wish to makeover ugly buildings’ aesthetics, but she also wanted the know-how to rebuild structural elements and make them functional again.

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Teresa Faria, Owne of Honey, Fix It!
Teresa Faria

In 1994 Teresa emigrated to the United States to pursue her dreams, and founded her first business, naming it “Home Professional General Contracting Company” which she operated in Manhattan, alongside her husband Antonio. Despite how amazing she found New York City, she found it difficult to adapt to the fast pace and high demands of an uptight, and unfriendly place to do business, and to live on a day-to-day basis. In 1997 she and Antonio moved to the Catskills, Upstate NY. The move was intended to find a better place where Teresa would feel welcomed by helpful people who could help her research and learn about home repairs and renovations, however, the Catskills was not Teresa’s ideal environment either. There she was faced with hostility and discriminated for being an immigrant. Unlike NYC which was filled with immigrants from around the world, the Catskills area did not have any, but a family of 3, who owned a Mexican restaurant on Main Street. But the worst was yet to come, as Teresa learned that to a "majority of men"women in construction were not accepted neither they are welcome!  

Her routines was filled with disgust, disappointments, and in many cases, lots of tears! Yet, her dreams were big and her determination to make it, were endless!      


Welcome to Media, Pa  

In 1999, Teresa and Antonio moved to Media, Pennsylvania, which Teresa considers one of the greatest suburbs of Philadelphia. The town is also the county seat of Delaware County, and Media’s slogan, “Everybody’s Hometown,” rang true for Teresa. She met friendly people who said hello to her on State Street, and was visited by a local and reputable lumber yard, Tague Lumber, when one of their sales representatives stopped by her job site in town to welcome her business to the area. That welcome meant a lot for Teresa. She was delighted with her new location, and she said, “this is it, Media is now my place to be!” The more people she met, the more her business grew. 

Forward-thinking Teresa has always been ahead of the trend. She knew Media was a quiet town but saw that it was about to become popular and that construction would progress quickly. She also knew that to make it in business, her company would need a different and unique name, something unforgettable.   

Over several cups of coffee and much brainstorming the new business name was developed: 

Honey, Fix It, Inc.®, with a tagline of “We Fix What Your Honey Doesn’t!,” Incorporated May of 2000  


Honey, Fix It, Inc.®’s Growth


When Teresa coupled her business sense, passion, enthusiasm, and strong customer-centric values with Stanley T. “Tom” Hibberd, III, a local and successful insurance broker and real estate investor, who Teresa looked to for business advice, her business began to grow. Tom mentored her about many business aspects, and the importance of building a business bonded with proper insurance and following the industry’s rules and regulations! Teresa’s first contracted work was awarded by Tom, with five buildings needing total renovations inside and out. The work was completed right on Media’s main street, giving Teresa’s business full exposure / marketing. Tom opened many doors for Teresa by introducing her to many influential people, who were from the Media areas, or its surrounding towns. 

But as with any business, survival depends on what you put into it. Teresa worked tirelessly and became relentless in building her career and accessing many repair and renovation jobs possible. 

As Honey, Fix It, Inc.® celebrated its 2nd anniversary, its popularity was so great that Teresa no longer needed to keep Home Professional General Contracting Company running, and she closed that venture. Honey, Fix It, Inc.® name was emblazoned on company vans, calls began pouring in for the small jobs many big contractors wouldn’t take.


In 2007 Teresa and Antonio parted ways, but Honey, Fix It, Inc.® survived, with Teresa as the sole owner! 

Professionally speaking, Teresa’s business had been, and still is her sole passion. She is well-rounded with handling all aspects of it, including but not limited to: estimating, budgeting, and managing large and small jobs from start to finish. Teresa’s business dealings are challenging, since finding “applicable solutions”to repair and or fully restore neglected houses is no easy work! The professional handling it must be highly resourceful and take the time to get it done right! Yet, as she describes it: “My days are filled with learning lessons and great opportunities to meet wonderful homeowners, who trust me, with their most valuable possessions: their homes!” Day-in and day-out she assures jobs are being supervised and that all jobs trusted under her care receive the attention and time it deserves!  

Teresa’s perseverance through the years has attracted the respect of private supply companies selling quality building materials, earning their credibility was part of Teresa’s business plan, being able to  count on their support is a “Blessing.” Teresa is also proud to have earned the respect of highly skilled professionals who complete the work.  


Certification; Women’s Business Enterprise

On March 26, 2018, Honey, Fix It. Inc.® became an official Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women. The certification allows women-owned businesses to compete for real-time business opportunities provided by WBENC corporate members and government agencies

Honey, Fix It Inc.®’s Motto: “We Love Our Customers” 

This motto is not just a saying, but exemplifies Teresa’s model for conducting business. She prides herself on having competitive prices as well as educating her customers’ beforehand of what’s best for their projects. She respects customers’ hard-earned money and takes the time to examine the work needed and uncover visible scenarios to prevent surprise bills and maintain budgets. 


Honey, Fix It, Inc.®’s Customers;

Today, 75% of the company's revenues comes from mid-to-large size jobs, but Teresa continues to pride herself on helping customer with their "Small Jobs" unlike, many contracting companies, would not even return a customer's phone call for a small job. 

Giving Back to the Community;

Teresa believes in helping her community, as well as, international causes in every way she can! Since 2002, she has been a member of the Rotary International Club, attending The Rotary Club of Media) of which it was founded in 1928 and its part of Rotary district 7450,  Please learn more about Rotary International at;

To date here are some of the community projects Teresa has participated inside, and outside her beloved Rotary Club;


  • Complete makeover of the Media Fellowship House, where her business received "The Spirit of Friendship Award" 

  • Hands-on labor /support donated to the Rocky Run YMCA, Rose Tree Park, the City Team of Chester, Feed the Homeless Programs, Rose Tree School District Backpack support

  • Fundraising events, Club's Bingo at Newman University, Media Municipal Building   

  • April of 2007, Teresa is invited to present to Penn State University Del. C. Campus, Women's Commision as "keynote speaker" topic, Passion and Determination:

  • Achieving the American Dream

Going Forward;


As Teresa count her "Blessings" running Honey, Fix It. Inc.®, her passion for construction remains high. Her goals include continuing to help her customers with their small and large projects, and to build strong community ties.

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