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- At Honey, Fix It Inc your services start with the assistance of Project Manager Teresinha Faria - Teresa - 
Thank you for your visit. I have been managing general home improvements since 1994. I am passionate about my job and consider myself good at what I do! What I do best is help those who reach out for my expertise while trusting that all my years of experience in the industry will benefit and serve them well. When estimating the utmost complex jobs, especially repair work, I dedicate time finding solutions and the best materials available to use. Last but not least, I take the time to find and hire mechanics with the “know-how” and who truly takes pride on their work from start to finish. Every job is different, yet the concept of getting it done “right the first time” is not! 
Replace & Repair 
- Windows
- Doors
- Siding 
- Decks & Patio (Design & Built) 
- Stairwells & Hand Rails 
- Bathroom Fans
- Door Locks
- Screens & Gutters 
- Bathroom Fans
- Door Locks
- Screens & Gutters
- Toilets, Faucets, Shut-Off Valves
- Dry Wall
- Cabinetry
- Tiling
- Fencing 
- Mail Box 

- Fans
- Gutters & Guards
- Caulking/Grouting
- Deck Wash & Stain
- Rot Wood Repairs
- Waterproofing
- Power Wash
- Sunrooms
- Blinds
- Chandeliers
- High Ceilings
- Wood Work
- Garages
- Attics 
- Sheds
- Dryer Vents 
- Bathrooms
- Kitchens (Plan & Design)
- Basements
- Porches & Decks 

- Interior & Exterior
- Natural Wood Restoration 

Plumbing & Electrical Up-Grades
- Water Heaters
- Toilets, Faucets, Leaky Pipes
- Lights, Outlets & Main Panels
Note: Before spending thousands of dollars to waterproof your basement, make sure the gutters are working  properly! Don’t get sold on an “interior french drain system” Most water  intrusions are positively solved with having the right size gutters and spouts properly installed and maintained. 

Don't see your project listed? Is it very small and odd? No worries, we can do it! 
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