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Please call 610-361-0484 to estimate a complete remodeling project, a repair job, or just ordinary maintenance needed around your home this summer including but not limited to rot wood, structural issues, power-washing, gutters, painting, adding screened-in porch or a deck.

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 - Happy 2017 - 

Once again thank you! Please call to schedule an estimate for a remodel, a repair or just the ordinary maintenance needed around your home this summer.

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At Honey, Fix It Inc., we have a saying "We Love Our Customers" is not merely a saying but a way of doing business day-in and day-out its the starting point of everything we do with the end result is a large data-base of loyal and satisfied customers! We thank our existing customers for their business, and look forward to meeting and serving new ones. 

Honey, Fix It Inc. ® was founded on May 1, of 2000 “at that time” by a husband and wife team Antonio Angarita and Teresinha Faria (Teresa). The "once married couple" moved from the Catskills, New York to Media, Pennsylvania in 1999 with their 1st small business called Home Professional General Contracting Company. They both immediately fell in love with Media and its surroundings, and realized that the area needed a Home Improvement Company that would care for large and small repairs too, so Teresinha decided to start up a second business, only this time their business was going to have a unique name. A name that would stand-out and be remembered by everyone who would come across their trucks and the uniqueness of it. 

During a brainstorming session and quite a few cups of coffee, Antonio and Teresinha decided on their new business name as Honey, Fix It Inc., with a tag line of (We Fix What Your Honey Doesn't!) Their first contract in PA was awarded by Tom Hibberd, a local resident and successful business owner of an insurance agency. In just about one year in the market Honey, Fix It Inc. ® became so popular that it outgrew Home Professional General Contracting Company. Consequently, in 2001, Home Professional was discontinued, thus allowing for Honey, Fix It Inc. ® to become their single focus offering general home improvement services without discrimination of any job size. It all came together as a perfect combination to run a day-to-day operation with Antonio being a natural born Craftsman utilizing his incredible engineering brain and Teresa’s great passion for business as well help people to achieve their repair and or renovations project successfully.

Today, Teresinha Faria (Teresa) is the sole owner of Honey, Fix It Inc and her main focus is to continue strengthening the company ties, better serve it's customers, and help her community, while maintain her own values. Honey, Fix It Inc. is an entity of its own, not a franchise! It carries a registered trademarked name along with legitimate State licenses and the required insurances. 

a)  A safe and clean work environment for everyone
b)  An honest and continuous commitment to providing a unique service to existing            
customers and to welcome new ones
c)  Install quality materials with attention to details applied to every job
d)  Pay special attention to the needs of the elderly and those customers with special needs 
e)  Promptness in returning phone calls, e-mails, and respond to other business demands 
f)  Be competitive with other clean, local and “legitimate” businesses 
g) Maintain a respected business relationship with vendors, employees, and "of course" our most valuable asset our customers 

Last, but not least, keep employing our own crew/s which gives us the upper hand to control work quality and to count on a reliable staff. When a Sub-Contractor is needed we reach-out to local and legitimate entrepreneurs that will care for your job just as much we do.

Teresinha Faria - Teresa -  
 Project Manager / Estimator - Owner

E-Mail: TA@honeyfixit.com

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